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Oyster label

How to print shell labels

Shell label printing is done with the help of a label printer or special ink devices. These devices have UV and are solvent based. The suitable ribbons for printing shell labels are wax resin or resin ribbons. These ribbons print labels in a resistant and bold way. As a result, these prints are of high quality and colorful. In addition, they have significant resistance against all kinds of solvents, moisture and water. Shell labels contain different materials such as PE, PP, normal shell, thermal shell, etc.

Types of oyster labels

Thermal shell label printing: It is designed and produced in such a way that it has thermal properties and contains PVC material. Therefore, it can be printed using the heat of the label printer. In addition, it has significant resistance to moisture, stretching and tearing.

Pe و Pp : There are other materials that are used to print shell labels. The elasticity of this type of material is higher than the samples of normal oyster labels and they have a higher price. Pe is able to withstand high temperature and has significant elasticity. For this reason, these labels and materials are used for packaging such as antifreeze and engine oil.

poly gore: These materials have a significant resistance to tearing, so that there is no possibility of their tearing, but their elastic properties are lower than Pe and Pp. Seashell label printing with Polygore material has the most effect and shine compared to other PVC materials.

Shell label printing is done in the form of rolls in large dimensions equal to 104 meters wide and 1000 meters long. We need powerful and advanced devices to print this label.

The first step of printing a shell sticker is as follows: the cliché or zinc desired for printing is created. Making and creating stereotypes or zinc is done according to the print and design desired by the customer. Finally, after the zinc and the label mold are made, the printing operation will begin.

How is the printing price of a shell label calculated?

The price considered for printing a shell label will be different according to the type of printing machine and the quality of printing.

The adhesive used for the label and the process used for it can affect the price of the raw label. Part of the costs are related to the pre-printing stage. The price of the mold, cliché or zinc is estimated at this stage. This price will be determined according to the difficulty of the plan of managers and employers and the quality of the template and stereotype.

Finally, the cost of printing and cutting the paper label is considered. This price is determined according to the type of format desired by the customer, the number of colors used in printing and the chosen design.

Shell label printing with the services of i-print company

i-print company offers shell label printing in different types of materials with the best quality and price. Business owners can choose the material and printing type of shell label according to the required features of the label.

What kind of printing is the shell label printing and what are its advantages?

Advertising labels have a significant variety according to the type of printing and material. Employers and managers should choose advertising labels according to the type of business. Seashell label printing or PVC is one of the most popular advertising labels that are used for various businesses.

What is shell label printing (PVC)?

Shell label printing is also known as PVC label printing. Because the primary material of this print is made of plastic or polypropylene. These types of labels, like many labels, have adhesive on the back and have a plastic appearance. The smooth and polished surface is also another distinguishing feature of shell label printing.

The plastic appearance of shell labels increases their resistance and strength against tearing and stretching. The fact is that PVC label printing can be more resistant to environmental factors and conditions than other paper labels. Due to being plastic, oyster labels show better resistance to changes in temperature, humidity, etc.

These labels are used for all kinds of products, including detergents, cosmetics, car accessories and equipment, food, etc.

Introducing the types of shell label printing

Shell label printing is done in two forms, matte or glossy. As a result, the manager and the employer can use a matte or glossy sample of the shell label according to the type of product, brand and personal taste.

Another example of the classification of PVC shell labels is based on their adhesion. Some PVC labels have high adhesion and are called hotmelt or self-adhesive labels. Other samples have little adhesion and are called coronal or low adhesion.

The application of shell label

Coronal shell label printing is a very suitable option for medical, clinic and laboratory environments. In addition, due to their different characteristics, these types of labels are also used in blood transfusion centers as a special and efficient label. Because these labels are still used at temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius without any change in quality and performance. Also, if needed, you can replace the adhesives used on the equipment with new ones. This changeability can be done without leaving any adhesive effect on other products.

In addition to the medical and laboratory environment, shell label printing is also a very ideal option for industries such as petrochemical packaging, automobile manufacturing, paint industry, etc. In fact, the special features of the coronal label show that this label can work in cold, hot or humid environments without changing its characteristics and quality.


1. How many types of label paper are there?

Gloss (paper) (metallized) shell (pvc) transparent (transparent)

2. Which label is suitable for our product?

It is selected depending on the type of product context or packaging on which the label is to be inserted

3. How to order a label?

You can get advice from our experts to choose the right label for your products.

4. What is the difference between an oyster label and a gloss?

Shell label or PVC is stronger than glossy label

5. What is a transparent label?

Transparent label is a variety of transparent label like Talaq, on which you can print the desired design with any color.

6. What is the difference between roll printing and sheet printing?

In roll printing, the labels are packed in an integrated manner with a specific and regular distance, and in the sheeter label, the labels are cut separately.