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Printing an obituary notice is one of the best and most common ways of informing when a loved one dies. Announcements are usually printed by the family and relatives of the deceased, and the main purpose of these announcements is to inform and invite friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. for the funeral and funeral ceremony. Obituary notices are usually ordered immediately and no delay in printing these notices is allowed.

Printing obituary notices requires expertise in design and printing. On the other hand, it is very important and vital to use modern and high-quality printing machines to satisfy customers. In this way, printing houses can succeed in printing obituary notices if they have the necessary expertise and use up-to-date and modern equipment. Digital printing machine is one of the best options for printing notices. This machine provides the possibility of printing obituary notices with the highest quality and in the fastest possible time.

It is possible to print an obituary notice with different numbers and there is no special limit in this regard. Some people may wish to send invitations to a large number of friends and acquaintances, in which case the number of announcements required will increase. Some people prefer to invite friends and acquaintances of the deceased by printing a notice with a small number and informing them through social networks. In any case, the obituary notice is one of the things that is needed for all the lost loved ones, and it is usually customary to use this notice in all the cities and villages of the country. Stay with us to learn more about the paper used to print obituary notices.

Types of paper used to print obituaries

The types and sizes of paper used to print obituaries are very important. Usually, the type and type of paper is directly on the cost of the obituary notice as well

Affect. Obituary notices of any type of paper are usually printed in A4 and A3 sizes. A3 size is bigger than A4 and in most cases, A3 is usually the right choice

is considered. The obituary notice can be printed both horizontally and vertically on the desired paper. Being vertical or horizontal is completely a matter of taste and choice

is also the responsibility of the customer.

80 gram writing paper

One of the most common and practical examples of paper for obituary printing is 80 gram writing paper. Maybe many of you, dear friends, are not familiar with paper weight

Don’t know numbers like 80 next to the name of the paper. In this type of paper, the number 80 means that if you have a paper of this model with dimensions of one meter by one meter, its weight will be equivalent to 80 grams.

Glossy paper 135 grams

One of the highest quality paper available in the market for obituary printing is 135 gram glossy paper. 135 gram glossy paper, due to its high weight and very good quality, is one of the

It is the best and highest quality sample of paper available in the market for various uses including obituary notice printing. Note that the higher the weight and quality of the paper, the higher the price. Thus, based on the amount of money you intend to spend on printing the obituary notice, choose the appropriate paper.

What points should we pay attention to when printing obituary notices?


One of the very important points that should be taken into account when printing an obituary notice is the immediate need of the deceased’s family for these notices. Thus, any waste of time in this matter can make the plans of the deceased’s family more intensive or cause many changes in their plans. In this way, printing houses should print different types of obituary notices in the shortest possible time and deliver them to the customer. The optimal speed of printing obituaries can help to satisfy the customer and increase the number of customers in the future.

High Quality

High quality is one of the essentials of obituary printing. Not having the right quality makes the customer not satisfied with your work. This will make them turn to your competitors for printing services in the future. High-quality equipment and skilled and specialized workforce help every company to easily provide services such as printing obituary notices.

Provide the best possible quality.

Entering information without typing problems and…

Usually, when printing the obituary notice, you should be aware of six dongs. The name of the deceased, the name of the father, a short poem, the place of the ceremony, etc. are among the things that should be included when printing.

Obituaries should be included. Having a typing problem or entering incorrect information can cause many problems. This issue has caused the company to publish the notice before the publication

Obituary, review it completely and by experts in this field. This will increase the quality of work and increase customer satisfaction.

the final conclusion

The printing of the obituary notice was a topic that we discussed in detail in this article. People who need this type of announcements for funerals, funerals, seventh, fortieth and anniversary ceremonies can place their order completely online and offline. This allows the family of the deceased to save a lot of time and money. Customers have the possibility to order the design and printed text of the obituary notice in a completely personalized way. Of course, the customization of the obituary announcement may increase its price to some extent.