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Examples of banner printing


An introduction to banner printing

In today’s world, banners have many uses and can be used in many cases. In the following, we mention some common uses of banners in Iran. Banners are important advertising and information tools that people tend to use in certain spaces. The category of printing has special features according to its various uses! And not everyone can design and print according to their taste. To request the printing of   any type of banner, you can follow the iPrint website and proceed in this way.

banner type

Banners are printed in a special type. Sometimes this product is used to introduce or promote a brand. Sometimes it is just used for information in different fields. Therefore, banners are designed according to their purpose. But the same banner can be printed in two ways. Sometimes a banner needs to be printed and used quickly. This work is done professionally in some printing centers.


Quick access to banner printing services

Factors affecting banner printing

Banner printing is done only on special materials, which increases the cost of importing these banners. But among the imported banners, only Korean material quality is acceptable and the printing quality is higher. Note that when printing these banners, be sure to use high-quality materials.

Using high-quality ink is a guarantee of quality banner printing. Often, special types of inks must be used to print these products. The quality of the ink and the quality of the material can have a great impact on the printed advertisements or suitable banners. Design is also an integral part of the printed advertising products.

Design has a profound effect on the people who see it every day. These designs sometimes change the audience’s perception of the product. Increasing or decreasing the attractiveness of the audience is one of the effects of advertising banner design.


Banner performance

The most important features that turn a product into a banner are: The width of the banners varies from 3.20 meters to 5 meters. The material used is PVC.

The weight of the banner material can vary from 8 to 18 ounces, which can affect the quality of the banner. The density of the material also   creates a very high quality of banner printing. The high density of this material can be used as shading or advertising on the structure.

These banners can be printed on both sides of the material and installed on light post structures in parks or in the middle of roads.

Banners can be printed on different materials. Solit banner, mesh banner and shebarang banner are among these banners.

Customize your ads with banners for more impact

Banner printing   is highly customizable. You can direct the design according to the mindset of the target consumer. If your business is about women’s clothing, you can design your banner ad to include colors, styles, patterns, and images that appeal to a female audience.

For this to be effective, understanding consumer sentiment and your product goals is essential. An effective poster design can say a lot about your business and your promise. While some products are promoted using simple and minimal patterns, others require more vibrant designs.


Advertising banner printing

Advertising banners can be placed anywhere – at an exhibition, at an event as a sponsor, or outside of your business center. Every time a consumer sees your banner page, it refreshes. You can easily reach your target consumers without spending resources. The key to effective marketing is to promote your service or product without spending a lot of money on advertising. Also, label printing can have an impact on the introduction of your brand.

Banner ads are still one of the preferred methods of business exposure because it only communicates with your target audience without disturbing those who are not interested in your services. the most special advertising banners View the print version on our website  

Instant banner printing is one of the most important things for customers. Therefore, our team was able to deliver the customer’s banner in the shortest possible time using a special printing machine.

Banner printing price

The price of banner printing can be calculated by square meters, there are two types of print quality in the   collection. These two types of banners are the same in terms of the material of the banner fabric, but they will provide the customer with different print quality.

Customers who are looking for a cheap banner and print quality is of second importance to them, can choose the first type banner at a lower price. On the other hand, if you are one of the people who care about the quality of the banner, you can think about printing the second type of banner at a higher price (still cheaper than the others) from the team chart.

Get the price online

After printing the banner in our professional team, you can choose the printing services you need depending on how you want to install your banner. If you want to attach your banner with rope, select Banner Punch in the order section. In this case, our collection will punch the banner according to the number of punches you have chosen for your banner so that you can easily install your banner with a rope. Most customers want to run a stick through the top and bottom of the banner and install their own banner, or they want to install the banner on scaffolding. In this case, you can choose banner packaging services.

Some other types of banners:

condolence banner

Donating a condolence banner to the family of the deceased as a sign of sympathy and condolence is in great demand today. Therefore, the iChap team, It has offered its customers to print condolence banners in two horizontal and vertical designs.

Hajj banner

You can welcome your loved ones, send them a good feeling and congratulate them on their return from the land of revelation with the Makkah banner. We have prepared many designs in this field for you.

Karbala banner

Congratulate your friends and acquaintances by printing the Happy Karbala banner and congratulate them on their pilgrimage to Karbala and Najaf. You can see the most beautiful Karbala banner designs in our collection.

Welcome banner

If you are at a conference or a special event and want to welcome your special guests, welcome banner printing can be your solution. See the most special welcome banners on our website  


Frequently Asked Questions

How is color mode selected in banner design?

In the design of the banner, the color mode should be based on CMYK, and if RGB color mode is used, printing will have problems.

In what sizes can a banner be designed?

In two real sizes and 10th size

What is the actual size in the design?

For example, a 1×2 meter banner is designed with dimensions of 200×100 cm. (file size increases)

What is the tenth size in the design of a banner?

In this case, a 1 x 2 meter banner with a size of 20 x 10 cm is designed. (The file size is greatly reduced)

What are the uses of the metal frame banner?

For times when there is no place to install the banner or we want the banner to be placed in the game environment

What is the rate of using special banners?

From martyrdom and birth of imams and imams to national holidays such as 13 Aban, Nowruz Eid, Doctor’s Day, etc. can be named for using this type of banner

What should we keep in mind when ordering a banner?

Size, title, desired text and image, background and attention to maintaining the content