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Label sheet printing is suitable for what type of advertising?

Label sheet printing is suitable for managers and employers who want to use several different colors in their brand label design. In this case, sheet label printing is an ideal option for them.

Label sheet printing is used for businesses that need to print labels in smaller quantities. Otherwise, this printing will not be a suitable option for label printing. In fact, printing this type of label is important for products that are not packaged in a modern and advanced way. Rather, this type of packaging is done in a very simple, small environment with a small number of personnel. In this case, it is certainly not cost-effective to use automatic labeling and roll printing machines. Considering that the gluing process of label sheet printing is done manually, this printing will be very ideal for labels with low circulation.

Label sheet printing is introduced to businesses that want the colors used in their label design to be well recognizable. In fact, exclusive design and printing of labels makes it necessary to use label sheet printing. Because this printing is completely unique compared to roll printing and it provides the possibility of privatizing the label for the manager and employer.

What is the difference between label sheet and label roll?

Label printer devices are used to print roll labels. These devices have a significant speed, but unfortunately, it is possible to print them in two colors, black and white. Today, there are printers for printing roll labels on the market that contain four different colors, but the use of these colors is not so ideal and affordable. At the same time, they need much more care.

We suggest you to use a label printer if your label is printed in high volume and the color of the label is not a very important option in printing. With this device, you will be able to print rolls. Also, in this case, paying the printing fee will be very economical and affordable. You can print a large number of labels for your products with speed and good quality. Also, don’t pay a high price for label printing. The presence of a labeling machine also significantly increases the speed of attaching the label.

Unfortunately, the inkjet and laser printers that are used in label sheet printing are not of high quality in most cases and leave a trace of moisture on the label. Certainly, such an issue can reduce the quality of printed labels.

How is label sheet printing done and what are its advantages?

Label printing is an effective method for business development and brand promotion. Provided that all the important points are taken into consideration in choosing and printing the label. One of the most important issues in choosing a label is its printing type. Label sheet printing is among the printing methods for labels that are chosen according to the type of business, brand, etc.

As a manager and employer, before you choose the type of label printing, you must obtain the necessary information about the appropriate label design, the type of selected label, the appropriate size for the label design, etc. All these items should be selected and determined according to the type of business. Because only in this case it can put you on the right path of business and be an effective advertising method to introduce your brand.

Although label printing is done with the help of different devices, in general, label printing is done in 2 ways based on the types of printers available in the market.

What is label sheet printing?

The label sheet is printed in the normal type on a sheet of A4 size equal to 210 x 297 mm. For this type of printing, inkjet or laser printers are used. The size of the label sheet can be printed in A5 or A3, but this size is less used than A4.

Label sheet printing or label roll printing? Which is more suitable?

Many people, when faced with label sheet and roll printing, tend to be guided about choosing these types of printing. The important thing for you to be able to choose the right label printing is to know your business needs. Every employer and manager knows the necessary information about the business needs as well as the tastes and opinions of their customers. Therefore, when it comes to label printing, the manager and employer can make decisions better than anyone else.

If your products are in high circulation, they will definitely need speed labeling. In addition, speed printing is very important for many products. Therefore, the use of label printers and automatic labeling machines for a factory that produces a large number of products per minute is quite cost-effective. Meanwhile, in a workshop with a limited number of personnel and low production, using roll printing is not a good option.

Sheet label printing at i-print company

i-print company provides diverse and valuable services to customers in the field of roll printing and sheet label printing. Customers can choose these types of prints according to the amount of products, the type of service they want and the features they expect from the label. Depending on the type and amount of products, label sheet printing can be a cost-effective option for business. i-print company provides this type of printing with optimal price and good quality.

iPrint company first prints the labels in the form of rolls. Because this print has a higher quality. In the following, the printed roll labels are converted into sheets and used.


1. How many types of label paper are there?

Gloss (paper) (metallized) shell (pvc) transparent (transparent)

2. Which label is suitable for our product?

It is selected depending on the type of product context or packaging on which the label is to be inserted

3. How to order a label?

You can get advice from our experts to choose the right label for your products.

4. What is the difference between an oyster label and a gloss?

Shell label or PVC is stronger than glossy label

5. What is a transparent label?

Transparent label is a variety of transparent label like Talaq, on which you can print the desired design with any color.

6. What is the difference between roll printing and sheet printing?

In roll printing, the labels are packed in an integrated manner with a specific and regular distance, and in the sheeter label, the labels are cut separately.