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How to print roll labels

As you can see, label roll printing is useful for high circulations. At the same time, offset label printing is used for limited and small circulations. If you need to print less than 1000 labels, then digital label printing can be a suitable option.

What are the advantages of using roll label printing?

One of the significant advantages of roll label printing over sheet label printing is that this printing is done in the form of a roll. Therefore, it is possible to stick it on the products with the help of fully automatic machines. As a result, it is possible to print and stick label rolls at a significant speed.

The second advantage of roll label printing is that these labels are placed in a separate row in an orderly manner during printing. Therefore, it is possible to move and even use them easily.

Roll label printing methods

Roll label printing is very popular among employers and managers. This type of printing is done in two ways.

  • Flexo roll printing
  • Roll lithography printing

Flexo roll printing

Flexo roll printing is done in such a way that, in the first step, the stereotype is made from the label design file. The stereotypes that are made for flexo roll label printing are of gelatin type. The important thing about the use of stereotypes in flexo printing is that a separate stereotype should be considered for each of the fake and original colors. Then, with the help of the created stereotypes, the composite transfer operation is performed on the label or the same printed material. The printing process is finalized and finished at this stage.

If you plan to print the roll label in the form of gold plating, UV, etc., the printed label must go through different steps. Next, using a die-cut machine and with the help of a template, the prepared labels are cut in the desired shape, and they are subjected to pouching operation using another machine. After the labels are packaged for the client, they are ready to be shipped.

Label offset printing

Roll label offset printing is similar to flexo label printing in many steps. In fact, a significant part of the printing process is the same in both types of printing. The only difference between these two printing methods is that in roll offset label printing, aluminum stencils are used instead of gelatin stencils. These aluminum stereotypes are known as zinc.

Trams are used to transfer ink to labels. Trams are highly sought after in flexo printing and are gelatinous in nature. This is the reason why there is a halo around the trams at the time of printing. The existence of this aura around the writings, especially small writings, can change the elegance and beauty of the writings. This is while trams operate in a completely accurate and healthy way in lithography printing.

The importance of colors in label printing

Colors are very important in label printing. We advise you to focus on the design and color selection before choosing the right print for the label. For example, for the detergent label, it is better to use colors that convey a sense of cleanliness to the audience. For example, orange and yellow colors are mostly used for industrial and chemical materials and are not a suitable option for detergents. For cosmetic products, it is better to use clear and cheerful colors.

Roll label printing at i-print company

iChap company offers roll label printing to customers with the best quality and the most equipped printer devices. This type of printing provides the possibility of printing labels in high circulation and is economical in every way.

How is label roll printing done and what are its advantages?

Label printing is one of the effective advertising methods for various products and businesses. One of the features that distinguishes label printing from other advertising methods is the possibility of designing it according to the type of work and personal taste of the employer. Roll label printing is one of the methods used to print labels. Labels are generally printed in roll or sheet form.

Important tips for choosing label printing

Employers and managers choose the right printing type for the label according to the print circulation of the labels and the uses they have of the labels. Several important points should be considered for label printing. These tips will help you calculate the cost of label printing in an economical and affordable way. In addition, the printed labels have the necessary functionality to advertise or introduce the brand and product.

Introduction of label roll printing

Roll label printing is one of the cost-effective and economical methods for advertising. With the help of this printing, you can print a large number of labels related to the company’s brand or product at a relatively low cost. Note that when the print run is high and the number of your products is increasing, it is better to choose an economical and affordable label for the products. Because otherwise you will have to pay a relatively high fee.

Why is roll label printing popular?

One of the reasons why most people welcome roll label printing is that this advertising method is less expensive than other advertising methods. At the same time, it has a significant effect. If you as a manager and employer have chosen the right print for the label, you can double its advertising effect. In addition, you will get all these benefits by paying a reasonable fee.

Application of roll label printing

Roll label printing is used for various products, but the most efficient printing is related to detergents, food, cosmetics and other products. These products are available in large quantities. As a result, to introduce the brand and identity, they need a high number and circulation of label printing.


1. How many types of label paper are there?

Gloss (paper) (metallized) shell (pvc) transparent (transparent)

2. Which label is suitable for our product?

It is selected depending on the type of product context or packaging on which the label is to be inserted

3. How to order a label?

You can get advice from our experts to choose the right label for your products.

4. What is the difference between an oyster label and a gloss?

Shell label or PVC is stronger than glossy label

5. What is a transparent label?

Transparent label is a variety of transparent label like Talaq, on which you can print the desired design with any color.

6. What is the difference between roll printing and sheet printing?

In roll printing, the labels are packed in an integrated manner with a specific and regular distance, and in the sheeter label, the labels are cut separately.