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Metallized label

Why metallized label printing is stylish and special?

Metallized label printing is considered unique for various reasons.

  • If this label is printed on the original material, it has significant heat resistance. This issue has caused it to be used as a superior option in various industries.
  • The shiny and special surface of metallized label printing allows for light reflection and reflective mode for the label. This type of reflection is considered a sign of luxury and value in many products and brands.
  • The metallized label is shiny and anti-scratch. This issue makes it possible to use the label in different spaces and environments.
  • You can print metallized labels with 7 different colors and remarkable quality. For this reason, metallized label printing is used for special brands and products.
  • Considering that these types of labels are used on different products and equipment, they may be exposed to various environmental, industrial, chemical, etc. factors. The metallized label in the main material has significant resistance against chemicals, acids, detergents and humidity. These features make metallized label printing very unique and special.
  • Of course, a label that can resist moisture, detergents, acidic substances, etc., can be used in any industry and any condition. Therefore, it is considered an ideal option for any type of product and brand.
  • High adhesiveness is one of the other characteristics that affect metallized labels.
  • Metallized label printing has a significant resistance to stretching and tearing due to the production material.
  • These labels are waterproof and can work in humid conditions.

What is the most important advantage of using metallized label printing?

The biggest advantage of using metallized labels is that you can stay in the minds of your customers and audience with this type of printing. If you want your label printing to be special and high-quality for the customer and the audience, and the customer can trust the product brand, use this type of label. Due to its special features, this label can attract the customer’s opinion and create a sense of trust in them.

How to print metallized

There are two ways to print metallized labels. In the first method for this printing, the original metallized sheet is used. These sheets are available at a higher price than paper labels. In addition, they have better quality in printing. These sheets are referred to as original sheets. Because they have all the properties and characteristics of the original label. Another example of this type of label is metal sheet printing on adhesive paper. This label has a lower price than the original samples.

Metallized printing services at iChap company

i-print company provides various services to its customers in line with metallized label printing. This type of printing has the necessary elegance and quality to attract customers and is part of instant printing.

What is metallized label printing and what are its features?

Label printing can have a significant impact on business introduction and customer attraction. Managers and employers should consider important points for choosing the type of label so that the selected label can meet their needs. Metallized label printing is one of the labels that are used for various industries. This print has good quality and can be adapted to different products.

The importance of choosing the right label

Note that the tag or label you choose to introduce the identity, logo, logo of the company and business shows the validity and authenticity of your goods, products and services. Therefore, it is important to gain the trust of your buyers and customers. We advise you to consider the important points for printing labels, including the expected features of your business, and then choose the label you want.

Metallized label printing features

Metallized label printing is available to employers and managers like any other label with unique features.

This print is known as a waterproof print. The reason why metallized label printing is waterproof is the pvc material used in it. In addition to providing the necessary strength and resistance for metallized label printing, this material also turns it into a waterproof label.

Metallized label printing is done in two forms, matte and glossy. Its glossy samples look very stylish and luxurious and are printed in silver or gold. Silver metallization is much more attractive. Because it gives a mirror and attractive appearance to the metallized label.

Luxury and special advertisements with metallized label printing

The mirror and shiny appearance of metallized label printing has made it used in many stylish, luxury and luxury products. People who want to sell a special and expensive brand, welcome this type of printing. As you know, the type of printing and label you choose is chosen according to the type of product and service. Therefore, when you, as a manager and employer, choose luxury and special printing for your product, you are probably also looking for special customers. The selected label shows that the offered product is very high quality, stylish and different.

Metallized label material

Metallized label is a special label made of aluminum alloy. This label is used in the form of coated adhesive paper. This label is used for various products such as electronic devices such as laptops, printers, food products such as soft drinks, industrial parts and household appliances. The printed label can be stuck on different surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic.


1. How many types of label paper are there?

Gloss (paper) (metallized) shell (pvc) transparent (transparent)

2. Which label is suitable for our product?

It is selected depending on the type of product context or packaging on which the label is to be inserted

3. How to order a label?

You can get advice from our experts to choose the right label for your products.

4. What is the difference between an oyster label and a gloss?

Shell label or PVC is stronger than glossy label

5. What is a transparent label?

Transparent label is a variety of transparent label like Talaq, on which you can print the desired design with any color.

6. What is the difference between roll printing and sheet printing?

In the printing of Roliba labels, the clear and regular distance is packed in an integrated manner, and in Shithar labels, the labels are cut separately.