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Gloss label

Applications of printing all kinds of glossy labels

Glossy label printing is widely used in the industry. Usually very important information is included on the labels. Among these information, the name and brand of the company can be mentioned. This makes the branding of the business in question better than before. The next thing that is printed on the gloss label is the necessary warnings about the product. Some products may have limitations, through these warnings, the consumer becomes familiar with the limitations of the product. The price and warranty are among the other things that are printed on the gloss label.

Glossy label printing is used for various companies. For example, factories active in the food industry can use these labels a lot. Due to the diversity of these labels, different labels can be used for different products.

Another application of gloss label is to use it for spare parts of all kinds of vehicles. These labels convey all the information about the spare parts to the customer. Parts companies are among the main customers of these labels, who usually order a large number of these products.

Companies that produce computer peripherals are among the other customers of glossy label printing. Due to the variety and high number of computer parts, usually these companies need a large number of labels daily. High quality printing for labels is very important, because usually the first thing a buyer looks at is the product label. If the label is well designed and its printing has the required quality, it can encourage the customer to buy.

Is it possible to customize the gloss label?

One of the things that is important for many businesses is custom-made glossy label printing. Usually, font type, label size, label format, label design and information contained in the label are among the things that can be customized based on the customer’s needs. In this way, if you want to have your own business label, act now so that you can benefit from the benefits of this product. The higher the number of labels ordered, the more reasonable their price. Therefore, usually businesses that need a large number of labels, it is better to make their purchases in large numbers.

Glossy label printing

Glossy label printing is one of the most valuable services for various industries. Glossy labels are used more than other existing labels due to their stylish appearance and useful functionality. The quality, beauty and durability of the glossy label depends on the paper used and the type of printing. But in any case, glossy labels with acceptable quality are produced and provided to companies.

In recent years, glossy label printing is done with much more variety than in the past. This is due to the different needs of different businesses. Glaseh labels are available at different prices due to the variety they have. In this way, the right glossy label can be prepared for all businesses, whether big or small. Glossy labels are usually produced with an adhesive back so that they can be easily installed on the boxes of the desired products.

There are many different label printing machines available in the market, each of which usually has a different price and quality. Any collection that wants to keep its customers satisfied and progress in its field of work should use the best label printing machines. We have prepared the best and most advanced devices related to the printing of glossy labels. This has made the people who order the label they want to be satisfied with the result and order again.

Getting to know the types of gloss labels

Glossy label printing is done in different types. This variety helps different businesses to prepare glossy labels based on their taste, needs and desired price.

UV glossy label printing

UV glossy labels are usually printed on high-quality paper with adhesive backing. After finishing the printing, the labels are coated using UV powder. After this step, the labels are dried using an ultraviolet lamp. These types of labels have a very clear and beautiful appearance, which has made many businesses use these labels.

Glossy label printing without coating

It must have happened to you that you wanted to write something on the label, but the cover of the label did not allow you to do so. The gloss label without coating provides you with conditions so that you can write information manually on the label if needed. Many businesses use these labels because of this feature. These labels are also in very good conditions in terms of price and can be considered a cost-effective option.

Molded glossy label printing

Molded glossy label printing has been able to help various businesses to install more diverse and attractive labels on their products in recent years. One of the most common molded labels are circular labels. Of course, the design of the labels can also be customized. The appeal of these types of labels is much more than ordinary labels, that’s why many people welcome these labels.


1. How many types of label paper are there?

Gloss (paper) (metallized) shell (pvc) transparent (transparent)

2. Which label is suitable for our product?

It is selected depending on the type of product context or packaging on which the label is to be inserted

3. How to order a label?

You can get advice from our experts to choose the right label for your products.

4. What is the difference between an oyster label and a gloss?

Shell label or PVC is stronger than glossy label

5. What is a transparent label?

Transparent label is a variety of transparent label like Talaq, on which you can print the desired design with any color.

6. What is the difference between roll printing and sheet printing?

In roll printing, the labels are packed in an integrated manner with a specific and regular distance, and in the sheeter label, the labels are cut separately.